Deep Fried Crocodile “Cigar”£8.00
Crocodile meat seared and wrapped in pastry, served with smoked harissa
Ostrich and Boar Terrine£8.00
Flavoured with parsley and cumin and garnished with papaya salsa
Soup of the Day£7.00
Oak-smoked Snoek Paté£7.00
Served with crisp bread and mango
South Africa’s signature “farmer’s sausage” served on a bed of Garinga salad (tomatoes, onions and cucumber)
Scallops, dried shrimp fried rice & crab£11.00

Sides (£4 each)

White, yellow or brown
Cape Malay Yellow Rice
Triple-cooked chips
Mashed potatoes


Goat Potjie£16.00
Goat stew with Cape Malay rice, served with cabbage and mango salad with saffron dressing
Braised Oxtails£14.00
Served with garlic cavulo nero and your choice of sadza or mashed potato
Seared Tuna Steak£18.00
Served with Salad Niçoise
Bunny Chow£13.00
A traditional Durban dish, consisting of a loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with sweet potato, chick peas and tomato with light curry spices, with minted yoghurt (Gluten-free bread available)
Buffalo Sauerbraten£16.00
Buffalo rump roast marinated and pot roasted, served with sadza, green vegetables and braised red cabbage
Kariba creamed chicken£15.00
served on crumbled corn bread and sausage meat
Fish of the dayMarket Price
Braai - 2 meats £35.00 - 4 meats £50.00
Taste the real African experience: your choice of zebra haunch (served with its jus), ostrich (served with forest fruits jus), wild boar haunch (served with sweet chili and lemongrass sauce), slow-cooked Springbok, or crocodile tail fillet (served with garlic saffron aïoli). Choose a platter of any two, or a Motapa Platter of any four.

Desserts (£8 each)

Malva Pudding
Served with Amarula Cream and mango
Tanzanian chocolate mousse
Chocolate brownie with baobab sauce
Selection of ice creams
Platter of selected cheese with fresh and dried fruit£12.00