Modus Operandi

An old folktale tells of God speaking to his newly created animals. As God spoke to Twiza the Giraffe, she stretched out her neck to heaven to hear him more clearly. God was pleased and gave her a long, elegant neck so she could reach the leaves of the tallest trees and as a sign to others that extra effort is rewarded.

You can’t have missed the giraffe as you came in tonight.  We call him George, but he’ll answer to any name you care to call him.  He’s there to lead you through the savannah to some of the best food in Cheltenham.

All animals need water, but getting a drink can be very difficult for the giraffe.  When he stoops down to lap it up his blood pressure increases dangerously.  And standing there at a pool the giraffe is quite vulnerable to his predators.

So when you arrive at monroe’s we’ll bring you a bottle of water immediately, on the house, so you can concentrate on choosing your dinner.  (Of course, if you’d like some bubbly, fiery or fermented water just speak up and we’ll be happy to bring your beverage of choice, at a small charge.)

The giraffe reaches high for the very best food, and he only eats the best.  The giraffe is a herbivore, but he gets along nicely with omnivores and vegetarians alike.  He’s not usually a fighter or a kingdom builder—though he can be very gregarious—but most of all he’s an aristocrat.

And that’s what you are at monroe’s.  We want to bring you the very utmost from the Bantu belt (the bottom third of the African continent—stretching from the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers to the Indian Ocean, roughly the modern nations of Zimbabwe, Moçambique, Tanzania, Swaziland, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Zambia).

Of course the area has been colonised many times, and the food and flavours of the region reflect not only the natural riches of the land but also the influences of the cookery of Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, German and, yes, English settlers.  In ancient days, after all, gold from King Solomon’s mines was traded for the spices of the Mediterranean.

monroe’s brings you the finest produce of forest and field.  Feel free to try new tastes and experiences—we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Your hosts,

Dom & Dave



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